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balancing kids, life and work on the go


Like many other moms, I love my lists!  To do lists, honey do lists, shopping lists, work task lists, gift list ideas….too many to list! They keep me organized, help me remember things, are easy to scan quickly, and give me a sense of accomplishment when I can cross something off.

I’ve written a few blog posts that include lists here:

Kids Stuff

Parenting Tips / Themes

Working Mama

My Favorite Blogs

I’d like to share some of the blogs that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. These women cover a wide range of topics, from working outside of the home to staying at home raising a family and running a household.  I can often relate to and admire how beautifully they share their thoughts, ideas, and life experiences.

Do Gooder Mama – features posts about ways to give back and raise do-gooder children. I need to implement her chores for charity soon!

Breadwinning Mama  – a working mom, who has a marketing background like me, balancing it all

Motherhood is an Art – funny, entertaining stories from the front lines of parenting

Worldly Girl Turned Mom – former international aid worker turned SAHM

Pursuit of Plenty – working mom, focusing on being happy in the busyness of it all

NikkiikkiN – beautiful photography and design “elements” she creates. Her work inspires me!

Check them out and add them to your reading list too!

With more lists coming soon,

Cathy / Mama O

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