While I love my children and husband deeply, there is part of me that misses working outside of the home. Notice I didn’t say work because being a mom IS extremely hard work.  It’s easy to feel undervalued and under-appreciated as a stay at home mom. Okay – here’s why I miss work.

Lack of Adult Interaction – It’s a bit isolating being at home.  Sure we go places and sometimes have play dates. Between two kid’s different nap schedules, snacks, meals, and everyday errands, it’s difficult to coordinate activities.  Plus, when I’m on a play date, I’m watching my kids, making it more challenging (but not impossible) to have a real conversation.  It’s not just basic interaction with adults, such as exchanging pleasantries with another shopper at the grocery store, but meaningful relationships that I miss. Many of my friends are working, and that’s no surprise since 60 percent of women are now in the workforce.

Intellectual Stimulation – Counting the 3 months of maternity leave and time after I quit my job, I have been a stay at home mom for 10 months.  I’ve figured out ways to keep myself and the kids fed and relatively happy, while keeping our home in an acceptable state of order and cleanliness.  So being the overachiever I am, I want more.  Writing and reading everyday has been a good start.

Time Away– Perhaps it is in doing contrasting activities that we can truly appreciate everything life offers. For example, there are times when I’m home that I’d rather be at work, and vice versa. I like having a variety of things on my to-do list and having a break from diaper duty too.

Making a difference – While I know that keeping my kids happy, safe and healthy each day is a commendable feat, there is a different satisfaction that comes from accomplishing things at work.  There are team members, bosses, harder deadlines, and longer time frames than my daily hectic dinnertime rush.  Maybe it’s easier to feel like you’re achieving results at work compared to being so close to caring for your children each day, where you notice all the minute details: fingernails growing, a slight bruise from falling down, etc.  Maybe I’m too close to parenting to feel like I’m making a difference, so check back with me in 5 to 18 years!  Do you know what I’m saying?  Let me know if you share similar feelings by leaving a comment.

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