Now that we are winding down use of almost all of our baby gear, as I mentioned in Bye Bye Baby Gear, I have been able to determine what items have stood the test of time.  Based on my family’s own experience, I decided to share a list of top baby shower gifts:

  1. Gerber bowls and covers
  2. Homemade, thick burp cloths
  3. Bumpkins Bibs
  4. Size 12 – 18 month clothing (don’t they wear this size the longest?!)
  5. Infant Tylenol / thermometer (for baby’s first fever)
  6. 2001 Amazing Cleaning Secrets – I’ve used this so many times since having kids!
  7. OxiClean (or stain removal product of choice)
  8. Homemade, frozen meals (or delivered dinners)
  9. Offer to babysit and massage gift certificate for Mom
  10. Gift card for Snapfish / Shutterfly for future cards or photobook

I realize many of these gifts are not the most exciting of all baby products to buy, but I guess I’m erring on the side of functional rather than fun.

For more on baby products that I liked, see 4 Years Later – Baby Gear that Held Up. 

Let me know what you thought of my list!  What else would you add or delete from the list?