1. Patience, patience, patience.  I have to credit my almost 3-year-old for many lessons in patience!  There are moments where I am still learning to be patient.  Despite your best efforts, the world certainly does not revolve around the time schedule that you desire when you are a parent, so plan accordingly.Playing outside with my daughter
  2. Spontaneity.  Sure, let’s stop and smell the flowers or pretend we’re puppies.  I’m usually up for anything! It is easier to go along with kid’s ideas than to force what you want to get done on them.
  3. This too shall pass. Sigh.  We all have those moments we’d like to fast forward.  For me it’s definitely tantrum time.  The screeching just grates on my ears.  However, the bad times pass, and we can still manage to share some good times in that very same day. This also relates to #1.
  4. Get outside.  There are a lot of health benefits from simply going outside.  Check out the link from the National Wildlife Federation. It seems that my children nap and sleep better when we get outside.
  5. Unconditional Love. Since having kids, I realize that my capacity to love others is far bigger than I ever imagined. Nothing says I love you like the dirty work of parenting: 3:00 a.m. feedings / wake ups, consoling a sick child, blow out diaper changes, and messy meal times (to name a few).  My children have brought so much joy and a whole lot of love to our family.  We are so blessed!