As your children grow older, there seem to be fewer “official” milestones, the type that include the many firsts: rolling over, eating baby food, crawling, and walking. I have enjoyed creating a scrapbook for my daughter and son that celebrates many of these moments, trying to get equal representation for both children. (This is hard to do, right?!) After passing the one year mark, many of those major milestone start to trail off. Though I have noticed so many tiny million dollar moments that happen each and every day that are pretty funny, ironic, or downright amazing. For tiny moments such as these, I dedicate this post.

3 Milestones You Won’t Find in a Baby Book

1. FIRST time child says WHATEVER!  My 3 year old daughter delivered this line perfectly, shrugging her shoulders and raising her hands for the full effect.  I was a little confused though, as she ended up doing what I had asked her to do in the first place shortly after saying WHATEVER.  I say, “Whatever, dear child, and thank you for listening.”

2. FIRST time child takes care of own boogers.  For all of the nose wiping we do, this is a BIG deal, right Mamas? My son giggles when he picks his nose, frequently would blow his nose on my shoulder, and actually wiped his runny nose with his mitten (a common occurrence during Wisconsin winters).

3. FIRST time child growls at someone in public.  I can’t officially say if this was the first time this happened, but my daughter recently growled at a sweet old lady in the grocery store.  So sorry m’am. My daughter is not a conversationalist. 

What milestones have not made it in your baby book?  Do you prefer a hard copy scrapbook or digital albums?