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Cheese Ventures

My husband and I LOVE cheese, and we are sampling the finest aged Cheddars at many small Wisconsin cheese stores (along with other delicious varieties).  Our goal is to visit all of the small cheese making locations to find the BEST cheddar. Here are some of our cheese ventures thus far:

1. Nasonville Dairy

2. Cedar Valley Cheese

3. Widmer’s Cheese Cellars

4. Best Cheese Billboard EVER – Colonial Cheese House

5. Renard’s 5 Year Old Cheddar

6. Fresh Cheese – Squeaky Good from Baker’s Cheese

7. Fresh Flavorful Straight from the Cheesemaker – Cady Cheese

Cheese Resources

In my quest to spread the love for Wisconsin cheese, I’d like to provide some informative and fun links to a few fun and all around awesome sites.

For a handy cheese shop locator, check out this map of Wisconsin.

Not sure what cheese to pair with your wine or beer, or want to see some entertaining cheese cinema, check out the Wisconsin Cheese Cupid.

There are mouth watering pictures and delectable recipes at Wisconsin Cheese Talk, or for kid-friendly fare and a free e-book, check out the Grilled Cheese Academy.

4 thoughts on “Cheese Ventures

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