Jeans Day Everyday!

The wonderful small business for which I work part-time has adopted a casual work attire policy.  It literally can be jeans day everyday – except when there is a customer meeting.  This is great, right?!  It IS quite lovely and easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a nice top on mornings when I head out the door for work.

However, having been accustomed to business professional dress (wearing suits almost everyday), I’m struggling to put together work-appropriate jeans-wear that couldn’t also be worn to a bar for going-out.  I’m not a huge fan of skinny jeans, which also happen to be my date-night jeans.  Other pairs of jeans are part of my “mom wear” on my work from home as a full time parent days. I hope they don’t look too much like Mom Jeans!

Similar to mom jeans, a few months back I wrote about my “mom bob.” While I LOVE being a mom, I don’t want to have a hairstyle or clothes that immediately scream MOM. As a 30-something mom, I feel stuck in a fashion rut.  I can’t dress like a 20 year old, though I’m not ready for the cat applique sweatshirts either.  Plus shopping with a toddler and pre-schooler in tow is not exactly enjoyable, so I avoid it at almost all costs, just wearing what I have in my closet.

Maybe I need to upgrade a few pieces. Maybe I’m not digging the skinny jeans and flowy tunics that remind me of too much of maternity wear. Maybe I need to consider shopping in different stores. Maybe I need to just wear yoga pants and throw my hair in a pony tail and hope that What Not to Wear is secretly watching me. I totally understand why moms are helped by that show so often because it’s so easy to put everyone else in your family first, leaving your appearance and clothes much lower on the priority list.

Any advice dear readers / blogosphere?  Do I need to search Pinterest for outfit inspiration?  What casual work attire do you think works best?

5 thoughts on “Jeans Day Everyday!

  1. I had a similar problem when I transitioned from a law firm to an insurance company. I didn’t have a casual business wardrobe. I suggest you use the policy change as an excuse to get one or two new items but then just wear what you were wearing last week! But I’ll warn you – every time I wore a suit or formal dress just because I felt like it my co-workers thought I had gone on an interview!

    • Good idea Kerry! I do still wear dress pants – the same ones over and over! You kind of don’t have to think about it when you wear a suit, so more options is more complicated. I once wore a black blazer with jeans and think it worked. My fashion police is my husband, so that can help somewhat!

      Love all of the stories and pictures from your trips and vacations. That bridge looked scary!

  2. It’s so hard finding the right pair of jeans, but once you do you’re set! I think it’s awesome you can wear jeans to work almost every day. Old Navy has an awesome selection for all different types of bodies. You do have to shop alone though, kids can make trying on clothes miserable. There’s nothing like having a few hours to yourself and having to shop for work clothes (what better excuse is there?), grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the Christmas music and try on some jeans…because nobody should be wearing mom jeans!! You can dress them up with a collared shirt and cardigan, sweater or blouse and throw on a necklace for a little style! Good luck!

    • Thanks for the Old Navy and outfit suggestions! Sweaters are a must this time of year in frigid WI. The afternoon of shopping kid free sounds awesome! I will have to do that!

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