go mama o.

balancing kids, life and work on the go

DIY / Crafts

I am a action-oriented person, as the GO in Go Mama O implies, so it should be no surprise that I find myself creating activities and crafts to keep me and my kiddos busy.  Here are some of my top creations for your enjoyment:

Scrap Fabric Tree picture
Childproof Christmas Decor & Crafts

Mama O's Snowman Sugar Cookies
Snowman Sugar Cookies

Cardboard choo choo
Cardboard Choo Choo Train Engine

Cardboard Kitchen front view

Cardboard Kitchen

Handprint Flower

Recycled Kid’s Art

The owl decor, monthly pictures, invitation, cupcakes, etc.

Owl Themed Birthday Party

board Tube Easter Bunnies

Quick & Easy Easter Bunny Craft

Final birthday card with scrap paper candles and wrapping paper

Cute & Quick Birthday Card

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