My 3 year blog-iversary came and went during the busyness of August. I saw the little trophy icon in my WordPress notifications and then moved on to packing / unpacking / running around with my kids, making a mental note to write something somewhat moving and reflective at another time.

With a long weekend and some downtime, I take some time to look back at my little blog and share a few favorite posts and some lessons learned along the way.

2015 Recap

This past year I started off by getting organized! When you live in the frozen tundra that was hit by the polar vortex, you spend a LOT of time cooped up, so it’s a great time to tidy up. I also talked about getting outside & snowshoeing in winter, which has turned into a fun hobby for me & Daddy O.

In spring we ventured to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for some family fun. Everyone had a blast, but this is what my daughter remembered most from Spring Break. It’s a good reminder to sometimes just keep it simple!

In June my daughter finished 4K and seems so grown up AT TIMES. I only write this because she and her little brother specifically requested to drink from sippy cups this summer. If I’ve learned anything from my kids, it is to be a bit more easy-going, so I am still letting them use their insulated sippy cups today if they so desire. A few more posts about parenting and lessons learned are below.Kids on a bike ride

The sweet stuff / Parenting Lessons

Thoughts on growing older

These posts have made me feel my age a bit with the exception of the aunt-related post. It is those moments in which you have to stop yourself and think, “Wow, this would NOT have been me xx years ago” and lmom bobaugh!

Fly on the Wall

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Fly on the Wall group posts.  It’s a glimpse at the crazy things my family says. Check my “fly posts” out here. Some “greatest hits” from Fly on the Wall this year include:

From my nephew explaining that to his dad…beer is only a treat.

Big sister: Mom, I have a big brain like you. I have all sorts of things in my brain this morning.

A random man told us that we “looked like one of those couples from reality tv!” (read more about that here)

Big sister: Naked people don’t like company.

Little brother: Not eating your boogers is the golden rule.

Be sure to visit my site on Sept. 18th for my next installment of Fly on the Wall!

Kids Parties

A few of my posts about my kids’ birthday parties seem to be well-liked, so here they are:

My All-Time Worst Potty Training Experience Ever

I really didn’t over-share this post when I first wrote it, but looking back, it IS pretty hilarious now that potty training is a distant memory.

The FUTURE of Go Mama O.

Looking ahead at this coming year of my blog, I see more time for writing and hopefully more posts. I’ve noticed some of my past blogging friends have seemingly disappeared from the blogosphere or have taken the leap away from WordPress. While it’s sad to see them go or not hear from them, I appreciate the blog friends that follow me whenever they can! I’ll continue to participate in Fly on the Wall and investigate some other opportunities. I have simply learned that I need to blog more frequently, and it’s more fun when you also follow and connect with other bloggers too.

This blog is a my own little slice of the internet for sharing my life experience and random thoughts – a place where I look forward to reading, commenting, and connecting in the year to come. Thanks for your support, dear readers & friends!

Comment below on your favorite post, ask any questions, or tell me what you’d like to see more of on Go Mama O.