In observing my own two kids and watching other nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids, I’ve come to discover many universal truths of all children.  Here are a few of my random observations:

All kids…

  1. Have their own distinct animal noise in one volume: EXTRA LOUD! My daughter’s is kind of like a trilled cawing of a sea gull.  My son can get so high pitched and screechy…so possibly another bird call.
  2. Have no concept of time – especially when getting ready for school or you are rushing to get out the door.
  3. Are oblivious to their own messes. “What is there to clean up?!” ha ha
  4. Would only ever wear sweatpants or soft pants if they could.
  5. Can be wise beyond their years and find ways to melt your heart. My daughter sees the beautiful flower in the dandelion and not the annoying weed. She also says “I love you all day, everyday.” Ditto sweetheart!
  6. Are little sponges, soaking in everything they see and hear. This is why we try to choose our words carefully.
  7. Are fireballs of energy – sometimes as if they had a double shot of espresso every waking hour. How can I bottle that up & borrow some?
  8. Are surprising, constantly keeping you on your toes. There’s no roadmap in parenting, as I wrote in this post, and the journey together presents chances to learn and grow.
  9. Should get outside everyday! They just simply behave better with some fresh air. (Also mentioned in Top 5 Things I Learned from my Kids).
  10. Are among life’s greatest blessings. They inspire me to do better and be better, and I thank God daily for their presence in my life. I write about this sentiment here (Attack of the Kissing Monsters and other Million Dollar Moments) and also here (On Parenting: the Milestones are Different Now).

What other universal truths are there for kids?  Let me know what I should add to this list!