You may have heard of mom jeans, mom voice, but have you heard of the mom bob?  It’s a relatively new term that MAY describe my recent haircut.  What do you think?

Is this what a mom bob looks like?
Is this what a mom bob looks like?
mom bob side view
To be blunt, is THIS a Mom Bob?

With all of this uncharacteristically hot weather in Wisconsin, I wanted a shorter haircut.  My hair was getting longer, but for the most part has been shorter than shoulder length because that’s what my fine, poker straight hair can tolerate. I told my hair stylist that I wanted to go shorter and indicated the length that I wanted.  I also explained that I wasn’t sure if it should be all one length, or if we should angle it.  Ultimately we went for one length, and I left thinking, “Okay, I can work with this.”

My hair stylist also mentioned very casually that another client comes in and requests the “mom bob.”  Oh great – now I have a mom bob too.  That’s exactly what I wanted (insert sarcasm here).

Little did I know that I would be trimming stray bangs the next day, and looking critically at my new “do” in the mirror, thinking, “What have I done?”  My bangs were crooked, and the cut was so blunt and plain looking.  Even a few days later, I still feel a little disappointed, so I made an appointment to have it repaired this week.

Ugh…have you ever had your hair style labeled as a mom bob or mom hair?  How do you address a bad haircut with your stylist?  If she can’t fix it to my liking, do I make the difficult switch?  Why does switching hair stylists feel like a break-up?!

Here are some past pictures of my hair in better days: