The sheer volume of paper, pictures, and crafts that my daughter brings home each week from school can be a bit staggering at times! While sorting through this pile of stuff recently, I came across this picture that she drew.

Kid's depiction of Spring Break
Simple fun – my daughter playing outside with Daddy O.

I love this picture for several reasons:

  • Daddy’s Girl – Big sister is a Daddy’s girl through and through, so of course she draws a picture of herself and Daddy together. (Hey, Mom was around during Spring Break too!!)
  • Forever Sunshine (in pictures) – The weather during our Spring Break was not all that nice. Kids always seem to draw the sunshine, flowers & rainbows (not pictured here), and why not?! At least it wasn’t snowing then!
  • Forget the Big Attraction – We had gone to the Shedd Aquarium over Spring Break, but that’s not what stood out in her mind when it came time to draw this picture.
  • Keep it Simple – This is my favorite reason for loving this picture. As parents we try to do all the big, fancy things with our kids. Sign them up for all sorts of classes and activities, take them to children’s museums, zoos, aquariums, etc, and what they remember most is playing outside with us in our very own backyard.

It’s amazing how one little picture can remind me that fun and memorable time with our kids doesn’t have to be this perfectly planned day to a major tourist destination. It’s as simple as dance parties, game nights and story time at home, or going for a walk to the park and just playing outside in the yard. What makes these everyday things memorable is sharing them with those we love.

Here’s to more “spring break” fun and reminders of life lessons from my kids!