“Own Every Second” Kids – a Wish from your Parents at Back to School

This song has been stuck in my head for some time, and it’s so appropriate for the emotional, reflective time that back to school season brings.

My sister first introduced me to this song and this video, and it brought tears to my eyes when I watched it. Check it out below.

My favorite line is:

I owned every second that this world could give

Love it! Don’t we all want our kids and ourselves to live life this way?

While my kindergartener can’t really comprehend what this line means, it IS my wish for her to “own” and embrace this beautiful life and many opportunities that she has been given.

The marking of a new school year is always a celebration and time to reflect on how far your kids have come since last year. It’s a time to be proud and hope for the best experience possible, as kids spread their wings a bit more and broaden their world beyond the comfort zone of home.  Enjoy, love much, and simply “live” in the moment!

Cheers to all parents & kids!


3 thoughts on ““Own Every Second” Kids – a Wish from your Parents at Back to School

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  3. Reblogged this on go mama o and commented:

    Since my youngest is now in kindergarten all day, and my oldest is now in second grade, I felt this blog post still rings true. I am so proud of my kids and hope they have a great school year. Another mom told me that the year that both of her kids were in school full day was “life-changing.” I am sure it will be the case! Happy Back to School!

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