Ugh. It’s the morning rush of Back to School.

At the end of two weeks we are adjusting to a new routine. Today we were even early. Hooray!!

But….I can’t help but feel that we could do better…that I could do better with our mornings.

We have goals set, meaning that big sister should eat breakfast by 7:30 and then be upstairs to get dressed. And then the indecision takes place every morning.

“What do you want to eat?” I ask.

“I’m still thinking,” is her reply. Eventually a decision is made, and before I know it, 30 – 40 minutes are gone JUST during breakfast. YIKES! It’s stressful!

Onto getting dressed….I hear questions like, “Do I have to change underwear?”  Yes, honey, yes, please do!  Or even at 5 years old, “I don’t know what to wear!” Okay, let me help you.

It is a process!!

And I should be happy because today we did it, and we have done it for two weeks: got ready & out the door to make the bus pick-up, which always seems to be late.

Maybe I need to change MY morning routine and mindset, so I don’t feel like I’m always nagging.  Maybe we need to have easier breakfasts ready to go (eg. making hard-boiled eggs the night before instead of in the morning).  Maybe I just need to calm down and go with it!

After big sister leaves, it’s just me an little brother, who will start 4K next year. This is also a new change, as my part-time work ended September 1st, so I’m adjusting to being a full-time stay at home mom. We have some structure and some free time, but our days feel LONG without big sister there, especially after all of the together-time that summer provided. I’m trying to find that balance between scheduled and free time right now.

Our after school time is similar and in need of some adjustments – big sister gets home and just attacks her brother, fortunately with a lot of hugs.  It’s sweet, but he HATES it!  I need to focus their attention on something else instead of hugging that turns into wrestling. Crazy kids!

This is NOT a unique problem by any means!  I came across some other fellow bloggers who are also adjusting to back to school and having a new routine.

I love these Tips for an Organized School Year from the Lieber Family. It inspired me to create my own accordion style folder for all of the paperwork from kindergarten, and her morning routine has some awesome ideas too!

I can definitely relate to the sentiments expressed by Mom Turned Mum in her post here on Change.

How’s your Back to School Routine going? TGIF!!