On Being a Type A Parent

cat toilet training phase 2

would potty training my cat be any easier? (Photo credit: reallyboring)

There are times that being a Type A Parent sucks.

Remember, I’m an overachiever type that misses working outside of the home. And there are days – okay maybe only parts of days – when I feel like I’m failing miserably as a parent.

I try to remind myself that when your child is potty trained does NOT go on any college or job application.  I try to focus on the good things that my children ARE doing instead of focusing on what they are NOT doing.

Still with constant access to social media, I can read how other toddlers are faring with potty training.  I hear from other parents and my daughter’s doctor, “Don’t push it.  She may not be ready.”  AHH!!  I’m clearly ready, and my daughter is showing MULTIPLE signs of readiness too.  According to many age milestones, it seems that 3 is a fairly common age to start using the potty.

Maybe I’m pushing too much for me, and realizing that it’s not effective.  How can I turn off the goal-oriented part of me and just accept the here-and-now?  I bought pull-ups and overnight diapers back when there was snow on the ground, shortly after quitting my job, and MONTHS later we just started using them.  I left work thinking I could easily tackle potty training – like any other project on my to-do list.  I guess I was a bit overly optimistic in the face of yet another challenge of parenthood.  Well, at least there’s no performance review in our house.

I’ll go eat my own potty treats now.

2 thoughts on “On Being a Type A Parent

  1. I remember with my first child thinking, “how am I supposed to train a child to use the bathroom?” It seemed like something I needed to take a college course on. We tried on and off a few times and finally one day she told me she needed to use the bathroom. After that day it was smooth sailing. It finally hit me…we as parents aren’t so much a vital part of the potty training..it’s more up to them. We tell them the logistics of it and provide encouragement but they basically figure it out all by themselves. I was much more at ease with my second child and everything went fine. I’m hoping this third one goes just as easy!

    • Awh, that is so great to hear that eventually it just clicks! Everything does seem more stressful the first time around, and it probably makes it more difficult with a strong willed child! I appreciate the encouragement!

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