I’m a marketer turned 24/7 mom after quitting my job in February to leave behind a chaotic, go-go-go lifestyle.  Caring for my daughter and son (spaced 22 months apart) has been far from restful, though I have thoroughly cherished many sweet moments with them and my husband.  Life has slowed down a bit; I notice the little things around my house, yard, and neighborhood.   My world seems to have grown a bit smaller – just more focused on our own little home life.

As my son approaches his first birthday, I feel like I need a change – some more intellectual stimulation, adult interaction, and more reasons to get up and go (aka fix my hair, wear makeup and get out of workout clothes. Though I secretly wish to be discovered looking the part of a disheveled mom, so I can be on TLC’s What Not to Wear).  I’m starting to look for work outside of the home, hoping to balance being a mom, wife, and professional at the same time.

Check out my blog to see how I try to have it all, and share your own story too.