They say God sometimes speaks in whispers, and I would have to agree.  Though it is sometimes hard to really listen when you are so busy living life as an employee, wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend.  After going back to work for two months after maternity leave, I finally heard some of these whispers, which ultimately led to my new job as a stay at home mom.

A Christmas breakthrough

Seeing our friends and family at Christmas was wonderful.  I love Christmas, and sharing its magic and family traditions with a 2 year old and an infant is so precious. My family returned home after a whirlwind of festivities, and I remember nursing my son in front of our Christmas tree that night and breaking down crying.  I thought, “I don’t think I meant it when I told all of our relatives that I like being back at work. Here I have this sweet baby boy, and I am missing all of this time with him by going to a job that is not fulfilling. What am I doing?”

A few more weeks

At daycare my son wasn’t drinking much milk from his bottles and wasn’t in the best sleep schedule. When he came down with a cold, he stopped eating altogether. I left work late-morning that Friday to come to his rescue! I couldn’t continue working if my son wasn’t going to eat for eight full hours!  After some more soul searching and conversations with my family, I determined that it was time to leave the working world and become the SAHM or CEO of our home.