Blaze’s first pictures came up in my memories this past May. We certainly were excited to welcome this adorable creature into our home in 2020.

So how’s it going?

I asked my son, and he simply said one word: good.

Our family has learned firsthand that our kids’ ferret research was spot-on. Ferrets are naughty (they don’t always use their litter box when they are out of their cage).

They’re social animals. Blaze likes to be around us and play. However, she and our cat Sumo do not get along. We have had to separate their territory in our home. Still, Blaze marks her space in our basement, while Sumo greets her with hisses. Ahh, siblings.

Ferrets are curious. Blaze likes to explore and this can get her into trouble.

Blaze the ferret in a disconnected downspout

Blaze loves to explore outside. She wiggles out of her tiny harness and runs under close supervision. She managed to go under part of our siding, but fortunately came out.

In another episode of curiosity, Blaze squeezed into our couch when Daddy O. and I were watching TV. We could see her under the couch in the lining! It took time and food to lure her out.

Despite her mischievous ways, she is so cute that we don’t stay angry at her for long. Look at her jumping in the grass!

Blaze the ferret in different stages of jumping through grass.

Ferrets are so bendy and fun to watch. She will chase toys and follow us around. When we’re out of town, we end up boarding her, and the employees at the pet resort just rave over her.

We know, and she knows how adorable she is.

Blaze the ferret profile view
Blaze the ferret view of her cute face

Our kids have taken on caring for her daily: getting her out of her cage twice a day, cleaning up her accidents, playing with her, cleaning her cage, making sure she has food and fresh water. It’s all part of the gig. Owning a ferret is a good lesson in responsibility.

Daddy O. and I help out too. She’s a good addition to our home, but we’re not sure if there will be more ferrets in our future. Blaze is pretty special, so she may be our one and only ferret.