Fly on the Wall Post

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 4 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Here’s who you’ll be hearing from in my house:

  • Me, Mama O.
  • Daddy O.
  • Big Sister, age 12
  • Little Brother, age 10

Since I have been writing these blog posts since 2014, I have my own Fly Post Page.  Check it out if you want to hear more craziness from my house.

I took a pause from writing and participating in blog challenges, but I feel re-energized to share now! I’ll catch you up on some of our family antics based on some of the notes I’ve written down.

Tired by life

I don’t remember the context of this exchange, but I must have had a bad day!

Daddy O: Mom gets tired by life.

Little Brother: So do you, Dad. You sleep in and nap.

Another busy morning, I asked Little Brother to help empty the dishwasher.

Little Brother: What, it’s only 7am!? I don’t do chores at 7am.

Me: What does it look like I’m doing? Someone’s got to do this stuff to help our family. (maybe this is why I’m tired!)

Little Brother: okay (reluctantly helps put some of the breakfast food away).

90’s hair

While we were watching men’s beach volleyball, Daddy O. observed, “That player has a mullet mohawk.”

I added, “It looks like a rat tail.”

Big Sister asked, “Don’t Jedi padawans have a rat tail?”

Daddy O. explained, “No, that’s a side braid rat tail.”

Actually, this braid for padawans is explained in Wookiepedia. Now you know!

Yes, we still love ferrets

Our ferret Blaze continues to be a source of cuteness and entertainment. She is 2 years old and weighs around 1.5 pounds (and actually needs to gain weight).

A few quips that I recorded since my last Fly on the Wall blog post include:

Little Brother: Blaze is a mix between a dog and the cutest thing on earth.

Back around March Madness, Little Brother declared, “I only want to cheer for the Wolverines because they are part of the mustelid family.” Ferrets are part of the mustelid family and so are badgers and otters. Wisconsin MIGHT have been out of the tournament at this point because I’m pretty sure our family would have been cheering for our Badgers!

Summer, again, Little Brother: Blaze is the best thing that has happened in this household.”

Big Sister weighs in on ferrets with, “A ferret is a cat-snake with the personality of a dog.”

Otterly Amazing

Big Sister chose otter as her camp name. She also made these adorable SWAPS (something with a pin) out of shrinky dinks. She can’t resist otter puns.

One otter didn’t have the pink cheeks, so she said, “That one was not like the otters.”

Weird words

Driving in the car as a family, Daddy O. was trying to take a drink of his hot tea. “Ooh, I can’t drink my drink yet,” he said. Big sister remarked, “Isn’t it weird that we drink a drink, but we don’t food a food.” Good point.

Looking back

I was looking back at my kids’ scrapbooks, and I remarked, “You kids were so cute.”

Little Brother immediately asked, “Were?”

“Oh, wait, I mean, you ARE cute,” I recovered.

Can I be a birthday girl?

Little Brother: Mom, your birthday is coming up. Do you want to be called a birthday girl, birthday woman or birthday mom?

Me: Am I too old to be a birthday girl?

Little Brother: Yeah.

Me: Okay, I’ll be the birthday woman.

Little Brother: Maybe a birthday person?

Daddy O: Birthday carbon-based form of life.

Little Brother: At least we know what to call Dad – birthday nerd!

New abbreviations

I accidentally told the kids to bring something along JIK, meaning just in case.

Little Brother once said WC for who cares.

Random stuff

During mealtime, Little Brother shared, “Kiwi juice is the stickiest thing ever. I LOVE you, napkin!”

Randomly, one morning Little Brother asked, “Would you rather implode or explode?”

I chose explode, like a firework. He also chose explode. I asked why he was asking.

He replied, “because dad just exploded a yogurt cup.”

It’s that time of summer, so I was not surprised when Little Brother asked, “If I was allergic to my sister, would you get rid of her?”

Logs in the fireplace

While staying at a house on vacation, we saw a sign that said: We provide two logs. Guest to provide any others.

Little Brother read this and noticed, “There are no logs in the fireplace.”

I could not help myself and said, “No, but you’ll find logs in the bathroom.” HA HA

A new name

During that same vacation trip, we spent time with extended family for a long overdue family reunion. A toddler aged kiddo was having fun with Big Sister. They were playing together with the other kids. At one point, she brought him an Oreo Cookie. He was having trouble remembering her name, so he called her “the girl” and “Oreo girl” or “Oreo” for short. It was really sweet, kind of like The Child in the Mandolorian (just for another Star Wars reference).

Thanks for reading till the end! Now shoo fly, and check out those other blogs listed above!