Mama O's daughter

You really need to watch what you say around little ones.  I discovered this around the time my daughter turned two, when she started talking more and more, and listening all the time!  Little pitchers have big ears, as they say.  Because of this, I decided to give up swearing for Lent, including swearing to myself, which ultimately leads to saying it out loud.  It went pretty well, and I don’t swear much today either, as it’s hard to hold back on the four-letter-words when the kids are awake.  I’m not a goody-two shoes (GTS), though GTS was a high school nickname, but I’d rather not hear a two year old curse at inopportune times in public. This has never happened to me, though I can picture it clearly: daughter swearing in a crowded checkout line at the store causes everyone around us to laugh, which would then make her say it more and more, while my face grows redder and redder!

I love the sound of little voices.  They just sound so cute saying anything. My daughter repeated “chicken broth” when we were shopping together at a young age.  Darling!  Most recently, she came to my rescue with sage advice when I asked her what she thought of all-teal sneakers. She said “Let’s leave them for someone else.”  Smart girl!  That line is typically what I say when she wants me to buy toys or candy that we don’t need.

Some of my other favorite sayings from my daughter in almost 3 years include:

  • When pregnant with my son, she said that the baby in my belly was the “family baby.”
  • “Motorcycles hurt my ears.”  Too loud!
  •  “I will call Daddy Father.”
  •  “I’m the mother, and you’re the honey.”  (I guess I call her honey a lot.)
  •  And probably my all-time favorite thus far: “I had a tootski come from my mouth.”  My husband explained, “No, that was a burp. Tootskis (farts) come from your butt.”

I’m sure more entertaining words will come from her mouth, and she’ll pick up many more as she gets older and starts pre-school.  Along the way, I’ll continue to choose my words carefully, as they’ll be echoed back to me by sweet little voices.

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