Forget Getting Another Cat!

Having grown up with a cat after my sister convinced my parents that we needed one with the iconic line, “But there’s an aching in my heart that only a cat would fill,” we became proud cat owners more than eight years ago.  She is a tough, Pittsburgh alley cat, sired by a neighbor’s cat named Fat Cat.  Isn’t she pretty?

black tabby cat named Sumo

Our kitten named Sumo (about a year old)

Sumo - always ready to eat

Sumo – always ready to eat. Here she is at Christmas 2007

Before having children, I often thought about getting another cat, a playmate and friend for dear Sumo Kitty.  (Her name by the way, was a self-fulfilling prophecy, as she was over 17 lbs at her last check-up.  Due to food rationing, she has lost some weight, but is still one big kitty!)  Like many cats, she is aloof & independent and will come to you only when it is convenient for her.  She’ll snuggle with us when we’re on the couch and in bed, but there’s not a lot more physical contact beyond that.  So I though getting another cat would increase Sumo’s activity level, leading to weight loss, while fulfilling my desire for a snugly, sweet kitty.  I enjoyed looking at cats available at local shelters online; there always are so many cats.  A colleague at the time would circulate emails of cats needing homes, and I would briefly entertain the idea.

Ultimately, the second cat was not meant to be, and I am completely over it!  It would be difficult to match Sumo’s personality, and maybe she IS a single cat home kind of girl.  Plus it is really difficult to find an agreeable, snugly cat that I had wanted.  Finally, after having kids, our cat really does come last in the pecking order.  I’m so exhausted after taking care of everyone else that I don’t have much patience – nor time – for a whining cat begging for food. (Okay – that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my drift.)

Little did I know that my two-year-old son would be the “second cat” that I had longed for all these years.  Lately he’s been sitting by me & snuggling whenever we watch a show.  The first time he sat with me for almost an entire Tinkerbell movie I thought it was a fluke. But it’s happened again and again, so I know it’s just his mama’s boy, sweet nature.  Who knew that after all these years, I just needed to have children to snuggle, hug, and kiss (to truly fill the aching in my heart, as my sister once said)?!

How do you feel about having pets AND kids?  Who gives you better snuggle time – kids or pets?

6 thoughts on “Forget Getting Another Cat!

  1. Depends on the kid… and the pet! We have one child who is very cuddly and one who is not. We also have a very antisocial kitty cat, and recently got a new kitten who is VERY loving. It’s so funny how they are all so different. Sumo Kitty-what a great (and appropriate) name!

  2. Hi Cathy! Well, as you know, I have just recently come around to the idea of ONE cat (which was huge). We plan on having an only-cat (I am an only-child) that we can spoil! I think you are right, why get another cat if you are already stretched thin on time and energy? It really irks me when I see people loading up on animals when they barely have enough time to devote to one. Not you, of course, just a pet peeve of mine! (I’m talking to you, annoying neighbors!)

    p.s. your kitty is adorable!

    • Awh! Your kitty will love being spoiled! Thanks for the compliment on Sumo. I will pass it along to her, to which she will blink and give me her regal glance. Sometimes too many animals can be too choatic, and I agree, I would hate to feel like I wasn’t able to properly give attention to all of them.

  3. Holy crap! I have to eat my words. I received an overwhelming response of people telling me to get 2 kitties instead of one, especially for Ragdolls and because Gary and I work all day. The breeder has another kitty available from the same litter and we just told her we’ll take him too! Crazy cat lady transformation is complete!

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