Savoring Fall Fun

We’ve been busy lately, squeezing in all the outdoor fun we can to enjoy this gorgeous Wisconsin season.  Last week temperatures were mild – upper 60’s to even some 70’s, so we had the perfect day to visit a petting farm and their pumpkin patch.

After visiting all of the animals (and petting some) and going on a tractor ride, we walked and ran through the cornfield to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins.  My kids picked the small ones very quickly and were ready to move on to have our picnic lunch.  Days like this are fleeting in fall, so I’m glad we shared it with my sister’s family and our parents to create fun family traditions.

Fall Fun collage

What are your favorite fall traditions?  I LOVE my husband’s pumpkin bars that he lovingly makes with a baking pumpkin instead of the canned stuff.  Hope everyone is enjoying October!

For some of the favorite things about fall, check out The Girls Who Blogs post.

4 thoughts on “Savoring Fall Fun

    • You’re welcome! Your post – including the PSL mention – was spot-on!

      I only have 2 kids, the other 2 are cousins, but we sure have a blast together! Working two days a week balances out my SAHM days. How are your job(s) / school / parenting? That’s A LOT too!!

      • Oh, cousins are so fun! My little one and her cousin are 5 months apart so they are quite inseparable.

        Two is still quite a handful with a part time job, supermom!

        A little bit of work helps me clear my mind too! I’m learning to schedule (and prioritize). Honestly, I’ve got no clue what I’m doing. Do any of us? 😉

      • Every mom has a little super in her! It is a lot of hard work – but the best work for sure!

        Yeah, I think we all just sort of make it up as we go! 🙂

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