My own kids have used their creativity to do some of their own rebranding as of late, so I’ve added their gems to this list below.

As I see so many parallels between my professional background and parenting techniques, I’ve decided to write a series of posts on All I Really Need to Know about Parenting I Learned in Marketing.

Part 1: Rebranding

It’s something that companies turn to when the current brand has grown a little stale, as a way to reposition it for future growth and success. Think of the best example – Coke switches to New Coke – only return to Coca Coca Classic to appease upset customers.

Little did I know as a marketing student and professional how useful rebranding would be as a parent. A parental rebranding is an amazing way to help motivate your children’s behavior with a positive and fun approach to everyday tasks. Words like special, magic, bonus, play, and adventure should be used LIBERALLY in any parental rebranding.

Just take a look at some of my favorite parental rebranding examples:

1. Celery becomes bamboo, and you pretend to be a panda chomping on it (credit: my 3.5 year old daughter).

2. Dessert becomes Lunchtime / Dinnertime Bonus and even has it’s own theme song:

    Lunchtime bonus, Lunchtime bonus, Lunchtime bonus, if you eat well (clap, clap).

3. Get over here and clean up now becomes, “I need a special helper.” or “Will you be on my clean-up team? We then sing the Wonder Pets Teamwork song together.  My daughter even asked me to be on her clean-up team this week.  Score 1 Mom / CEO! 

4. Trip to the store or a walk becomes a Secret Adventure. Dress-up costumes, sunglasses, magnifying glasses, flashlights, and backpacks are excellent accessories for secret adventures.

5. Reminder to use manners becomes use the magic words.  I’m sure you’ve heard and used this one before!

6. On our vacation the toothbrush travel holders became spaceships.  Seriously – the green spaceship was constantly with my son in the car!  Find your own spaceship in the travel section at Target.

7. Quick lunch because we have an appointment to get to became a Mini-Lunch today. I think the term mini-lunch just sounds a little more fun than my usual terms: snack, lunch, dinner.  I’m not asking any questions because it worked, and we made it to the noon dentist appointment with a few minutes to spare.  YES!

8. Broccoli becomes Green Trees. Who doesn’t want to pretend they are a giant chomping on green trees?

9. Green beans becomes Worm-ies.  My 22 month old came up with this, but still did not eat the wormies on his plate.  Maybe next time!

What things have you rebranded for your family?  I’d love to hear your own creative ideas!