Within the past year I’ve found that it is easier to make my own cards than go out and buy them.  As many other parents know, it’s hard to keep you children occupied while you peruse the MANY card options at any given store.  So I’ve resorted to making my own, which has been a fun, creative outlet (and something to do while the kids do their own craft projects).

One of my favorite cards is this cute & easy birthday card.  I’ve made several variations by just using my scrapbook paper scraps.  This particular one used packaging from a favorite toy: B. Zany Zoo Activity Cube. It came with such unique packaging that we’ve actually up-cycled the box as a ball toss game / toy bin / duct tape project!  The tag itself had such vibrant colors and really fun sayings from kids.  Check out the picture below –

Beyond cutting a few scraps into “candles”, using scrap wrapping paper for the polka dot “Happy Birthday” on the brown paper cake, all I used was a black and yellow pen to draw on the flames and candle wicks.  It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Happy card making!