My kids struck a new level of sibling co-habitating when Little Brother wrote his first contract.

A school library book that was borrowed without his permission caused him to draft this legal document. And this kid likes to earn money, so I’m not surprised that he included a fine.

Big sister reacted by revising the contract. They argued about it and then came to an agreement. The contract is now signed and hung up under our a decorative sign that says:

“Our family keeps our promises. Thinks of others before ourselves. Hugs often. Always tells the truth. Laughs out loud. Listens to each other. Says please and thank you. Always has fun. Respects one another. Dreams big. Pays with hugs and kisses. Loves each other. “

Somehow the spirit of this sign feels a little off with the kid’s contract underneath it!

At any rate, it makes a good story!

Just for fun: here are two Blaze the ferret pictures! This girl loves her fleece blankets.