My blog has turned into just ferrets for some time. It’s a small way for me to share some cuteness and fun in the midst of everything else that’s happening in our world.

At times, it all feels so heavy.

We are all exhausted by the headlines / COVID-19, and I don’t want to add to that heaviness.

I’m going to keep it positive and light here on Go Mama O.

These days, I’m also enjoying a quieter presence online. I’m trying to scroll less. Engage more. Don’t just fill the time by pressing icon on my smartphone. Is it really necessary to share as much as I once did? How much time am I wasting on these apps? What else could I be doing with that time?

Do I really need to see what unkind things some people are writing on social media?

I am keeping my kids from smartphone ownership and limit their screen time, so shouldn’t I set a better example?

As my kids get older (approaching pre-teen years), I want to give them space and privacy to live their lives, just like I did. I certainly have many embarrassing pictures and moments from my childhood. Fortunately, my big sister mostly keeps those to herself. Although, it has been funny to retell some of my infamous tales to my kids and nephews. I am here to entertain!

Growing up can be hard, but there are laughs along the way (sometimes only in hindsight rather that in the moment).

So please excuse me for a moment while I think about an appropriate amount of sharing on this blog and in the bigger online world as well.

I’ll find a way to keep up this blog in a way that feels right for right now.

To leave you, please enjoy a gif of Blaze, aka our cat snake. This is how I will approach my blog content…cautiously.