When I reflected on Spring Break yesterday, this post appropriately came up. It was a good reminder to just keep it simple as a parent. Kids remember the little things, like playing in the backyard, family game nights, and pajama mornings with pancakes. Don’t overthink or over-do it. Just enjoy time together.

go mama o.

The sheer volume of paper, pictures, and crafts that my daughter brings home each week from school can be a bit staggering at times! While sorting through this pile of stuff recently, I came across this picture that she drew.

Kid's depiction of Spring Break Simple fun – my daughter playing outside with Daddy O.

I love this picture for several reasons:

  • Daddy’s Girl – Big sister is a Daddy’s girl through and through, so of course she draws a picture of herself and Daddy together. (Hey, Mom was around during Spring Break too!!)
  • Forever Sunshine (in pictures) – The weather during our Spring Break was not all that nice. Kids always seem to draw the sunshine, flowers & rainbows (not pictured here), and why not?! At least it wasn’t snowing then!
  • Forget the Big Attraction – We had gone to the Shedd Aquarium over Spring Break, but that’s not what stood out in her…

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