Given the extreme cold and general winter-blahs (as I wrote about here), we had fun crafting today! Little brother made an awesome wax paper heart sun-catcher this morning, so naturally, when big sister came home and saw it, she wanted to make one too.  I loved this project because it only required materials that we already had at home. Take a look:

valentines craft supplies
Supplies needed: wax paper, glue, variety of tissue paper, and sparkly gems / buttons.

I just used random tissue paper that we had left over with our gift wrapping supplies and cut it into shapes per my daughter’s request. I also traced the heart on wax paper, using little brother’s as a template. I cut it out myself instead of letting big sister do it, since the paper is so thin and delicate. Our glue sticks tend to dry-out too quickly, so I just squirt some glue into a cap of a recycled container (I think this is from a spice jar) for my kids to dip the paper into. Voila! That’s all you need! Here’s our finished product:

heart shaped sun-catcher craft
Cute, colorful wax paper sun-catcher decor brightening up our view

This is what my dining room table looked like after our major crafting:

craft supply mess
one big creative, crafty mess

You can see a scrapbook type box in the middle of the table, which we use for holding my kids craft supplies.  It all jams in there nicely and cleaned up pretty easily.  All in all this was a fun, last minute, and easy Valentine’s Day craft.