Fly on the Wall: Beer is a Treat

Ever want to be a fly on the wall in someone else’s home? Today you can be a little fly!

14 fabulous bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d hear and see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house and check out the links below for more Fly posts.

Fly on the Wall Post

Valentine’s Day Cards

I encourage the kids to make Valentine’s Day cards for family. I love making these cards because they are so easy to throw together. Big sister told Daddy, “Well, you never make me any pictures (or cards).” Good point!! So Daddy O. and I had a craft night after the kids went to bed. Here’s what we made:

Valentine's Day Cards

Our Valentine’s Day Cards from top left – little brother, big sister, bottom left – my card to Daddy O. and Daddy O’s cards to our kids

The card that my hubby made for me had multiple meanings:

the valentines day card I received

Front: Happy Valentine! Inside: I only have crazy / googley eyes for you.

The crazy eyes fell off – one by one, so the meaning became, “I only have one eye for you,” and then “I only have a smile for you!”  At any rate, I love him for taking the time to craft for us all.  Big sister liked the card that he made so much that she had to copy it down to the exact snowflakes used. It was cute!

On the Road

To spite this cold winter, we have been staying active and doing fun things in the area. On the way to children’s museums or other activities, interesting comments always happen. Here are a few gems:

  • On the radio, the kids heard, “Boogie all night long,” so they started to giggle, saying boogie.  Daddy O. explained, “No, not boogie like booger, boogie like dance.” They kids weren’t buying it and just giggled away.
  • We were driving with our kids and their similar aged nephews, and they explained to us: “My dad doesn’t drink milk. His stomach wasn’t made for it. He only drinks orange juice and water.” The younger chap chimed in, “And beer.” Then the oldest jumped in, “but beer is only a treat.” Daddy O. and I were had to stifle our chuckles.
  • Earball – this is our daughter’s hilarious new term. Did you know we have an earball?

You know your kids are getting older when

While at a children’s museum with our kids, Daddy O. and I happily watched our kids climb all over the playland – similar to the type you see at McDonald’s with multiple levels, brightly colored plastic tunnels, and tube slides. I had a realization while standing there, saying, “Do you realize that now we don’t have to crawl up in that play-thing to rescue our kids?! They can manage that on their own now at age 3 and 5.”  This may not seem like a big deal, but after crawling into those numerous times for rescue extractions, it IS a big deal.  Those playlands smell like stinky feet and I’m sure are big germ-collectors. Ugh!  So yes, our kids are getting older!

Big sister has been lamenting, “When am going to lose my baby teeth? I’m TIRED of my baby teeth!”  After going to the dentist recently, she won’t have to wait much longer. Two of them are loose. She is getting older for sure!

When coloring a picture, little brother told me, “Mom, I made an explosion.”  My reply, “Wow – good! As long as it’s on paper and not in your pants.” I think my humor was lost on him…but yes, that is ANOTHER HUGE benefit of kids getting older: fewer bathroom accidents! Love that!

Old friends are the best friends

One of my dearest friends who has known me since elementary school came and visited last month. After putting the kids to bed, we were up chatting about everything, just catching up on what’s going on in our lives, hitting seemingly every topic under the sun. After a few yawns, my friend said, “Wow, what time is it? I bet it’s really late.” I got up and checked the time. “It’s 10:00 p.m. – wow, we ARE old.”  Spoken like two tired moms! Ha ha!

Later that same weekend, my friend was paging through a magazine and paused on an ad sponsored by a drug manufacturer. She read through some of the odd warnings, and mused, “Did you ever think that they have to write this stuff because someone has tried this before?” Ick.

What’s in a name?

Little brother has a little stuff kitty that is so little that it can fit in the palm of my hand. He has really clung to it and has given it various names. It started out as baby kitty. Then it became Pitty Kitty. When cousins were over, they enjoyed rhyming words with pitty, and yes, they came up with sh*tty!  More creative names for the kitty were la la French fry, gaga French fry, and bathroom sink.  I have no idea what baby kitty’s name is now!

We love jewels

Big sister randomly said, “Mom, you should buy Brewer earrings.” (as in the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team) I responded, “Okay. You sure want to buy a lot of things.” She explained, “I love jewels more than anything!!” Little does she know that professional baseball team earrings that she is thinking of have very little to do with jewels that are kept and cherished.  Until she knows the difference, I think she would enjoy a be-dazzler!

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15 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Beer is a Treat

  1. 10:00 is about as late as I can go these days 🙂
    Your Valentine’s are adorable. It’s so sweet that everyone was involved in making them!
    Having the little ones be old enough to rescue themselves from the play place? That is huge!!

  2. I love that you made your own Valentine’s for each other. What a wonderful and sweet tradition. ❤
    I remember the day vividly that I no longer had to crawl through the ball pits, jump houses and up the darn tubes. It is a fantastic feeling!
    Boogie all night, beer treats, big kids, staying up WAY past the mama bed time and good times spent with old friends… sounds like a fantastic month with Mama O!

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