In light of some recent home improvement work we had done at our home, I searched for blogs on that topic, since it is so near and dear to our hearts right now.  It seems that EVERYTHING we do or have quoted on our home is $300 minimum.  New glass block windows in the basement = $600, stone block railing = $500, ant control program = $155 + the bargain price of $31 per month, equaling $310 for the rest of the year!  Wow – where do I sign?!  Guess who was hiding some child-resistant ant traps and spraying eco-friendly ant spray before sitting down to blog tonight?  You got it – this lucky Mama O.

With a home that would definitely receive the senior citizen discount, we are doomed blessed to have home improvement projects that keep us – or expensive contractors busy!

In honor of this reality that is our life, I bring you some blogs on home improvement as part of the Do Good, Read More Summer Reading Challenge.

Do Good Read More Summer Reading Challenge

One of the first blogs that caught my eye was Dogs, Dishes and DecorIn This House Needs a Hug (Or I Want to Fix Everything), – what a fantastic title right – she grabs me with a line from one of my favorite films Dirty Dancing.  It’s a quote from steamy dance instructor Johnny to Baby.

“I’ve never known anyone like you before. You think you can make the world better. Somebody’s lost, you find them. Somebody’s bleeding…”

“And I go get my daddy.”

Anika feels this way about beautiful architecture.  Check out her blog for the adorable home that needs a hug – STAT!

I can also relate to things of mine being covered in pet hair, though I have the feline variety in my home and usually clinging to my clothes.

When perusing her blog a bit more, I came across This One’s For You, Justin (Or How to Make a Kale, Banana, and Nut Smoothie). It’s a post about family, loss, and finding ways to honor a loved one.  This truly struck a chord with me as I remembered my Grandpa on July 3rd.  Anika’s statement about food being so much more than just food is spot-on.  Read her full post and have a tissue ready.

Happy Reading, and feel free to join the challenge!

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