Blogging Blues

“Keep going. Keep going!”  a little whiny voice repeats over and over again in my ear.

I’ve experienced a sort of blogging blues as of late.  I’ve been at this for awhile, though still less than a year, so I’ve been pondering my overall blogging purpose.

Was I right to choose the “working mom on the go” concept in the first place? Is it a bit overdone?  Is my voice truly unique and different?  Do I care about really growing readership, or am I just doing this for “me?”  Before blogging, I felt that something was lacking in my current social media involvement – that a short Facebook update wouldn’t effectively communicate my state of mind nor narrate the trials and tribulations and pure joys of parenting / job hunting and eventually working part time.

Does my almost 2 year old’s mantra of “keep going” have a hidden meaning for Go Mama  Perhaps…

In my last post about the Do Gooder Summer Reading Challenge, I was inspired by The Happy Guide and reminded of a solid Teddy Roosevelt quote (you’ll have to check out the post to read it). Can I embrace the Nike tag line and “Just Do It” when it comes to sitting down and blogging at least twice a week?  I hope so!

Technical Issues!

As I mentioned in Smart Outfit Planning Trick, I was having some technical issues with my blog.  This boiled down to trying to blog solely from a smartphone or my Nook tablet, and I was getting frustrated with both of these options.  The mobile sites and smaller screens just lack some of the functionality of the full site.  Plus the smaller screens hurt my eyes after some time, so I was opting for much shorter posts.  Finally, I really enjoy sitting at my computer desk and tapping away at a real keyboard.  As fun as my drag & swipe technology may be on my phone, there’s just something more satisfying about typing.  Then again, maybe I’m old school – more Gen X than the tech saavy Gen Y’ers.

Are you a mobile or desktop blogger?  Which site do you prefer?

Emotional Benefits of Blogging

Ultimately, I think what will keep me going on my blog is the quiet time and peace that I experience when I carve out some time just for me and my own little site.  I may not be the funniest, flashiest, or BEST blog out there, but that’s not what I’m going for.  This is MY outlet and space to be authentic and even classic Cathy O.  I truly value the virtual connections that I’ve formed with my friends and followers, who help validate and encourage me to keep going.  THANK YOU dear readers! 

So yes, I think I will keep going here at Go Mama O.

How do you “keep going” on your own blog? Do you share similar sentiments?

12 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

  1. I think the mobile option is great for when you’re away from your computer, but I just can’t seem to do much with the mobile versions of stuff either. I have found it good when my kids say something funny or I have a great thought for something that I can send to my WordPress account though!

    I get seriously discouraged sometimes. I know how many people follow my blog, but I only get so many views per day. It just doesn’t add up! But I keep plugging away, because it is good for me to get my thoughts out. Hopefully some day it will pay off!

    • Thanks for the comment Sarah. I agree – mobile is good for quick posts or drafts.

      Your posts are so funny and well thought out with great pictures! Be sure to keep going – for yourself and your readers. I really like your round-up posts in case I missed anything.

  2. i love my time writing on my desktop. it reminds me that i’m creative and i love building a ‘story’ for my kids to hopefully read one day. i have many moments where i don’t know what i’m doing, but i just keep writing thru it. maybe one of these days, we’ll figure it out. 😉

    • You are a wonderful storyteller, so keep it up! I am thinking that it is good to write for yourself, and just let it happen. And I am sure the kids will enjoy it too when they are older.

  3. The whole reason I started this summer reading challenge is because I found myself getting bored and feeling lazy. I love my “theme” but i do think it limits me at times and this reading challenge has given me leave to explore new topics. How are you doing with it? I think even if you can do it several times a week, you’ll find new inspiration!

    As for mobile/tablet posting, it sucks. I am definitely a Gen X-er and, while I love my phone for reading and game play, there is no way in hell I will be writing posts longer than a couple sentences from it.

    Keep on writing Mama! You have a lot to say and I think that if the reading challenge has taught me anything, you don’t have to limit your topics to your “theme.” I am really enjoying exploring new subjects and think I will continue after the challenge ends. I will still post about my do-gooder living, but if I have the urge to write about something else, you had better bet I am going to.

    • This comment makes me smile whenever I read it! Thank you!! I LIKE the summer reading challenge because I frequently check out other blogs or suggested blogs anyway, so it’s just recording and reacting to what I’m already reading, while spreading the blog comment love!

      Plus it DOES give me a better perspective on topics / themes / styles. Many “how-to” guides say you should RESEARCH the current blogosphere before starting your own. Oops – I didn’t do that, but I agree with you, I am guided by my own interests on my blog!

      • Research? What is that? 😉 Yes, I think “market research” could have helped, but, at the time, I was just trying to preserve some sanity. Now I am trying to figure out how to turn this into something more, but, then, I just needed something. I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book – maybe one about Do Gooder Children? You never know….

      • I understand completely! I dove right in & started by blog too.

        Oooh – love the sound of the children’s book! 🙂 Go for it!

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  5. Thanks for the comments on my post “Stuff.” I have just read Blogging Blues and I say, “Keep going, keep going.” I started blogging in Jan. and posted every day for that month (can’t believe I did that!) and now I discipline myself to post 3 times a week. I write because I enjoy writing and write for my own pleasure and hope that others find some worth in it as well

    • Awh – thanks for checking out my blog in return! Wow – blogging EVERY DAY for a month – well done! 3 times a week is excellent too. I do feel better when I blog more often too, as it’s such a nice release! I agree with you – it’s a bonus if readers enjoy what I write and are kind enough to “like” or comment on it.

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