Do Good, Read More Summer Reading Challenge – Part 2

I’m at it again – reading and discovering new blogs that pique my interest as part of the Do Good, Read More Summer Reading Challenge.  I don’t know that I’ll be posting DAILY as the challenge recommends, but I’ll do what I can….here goes –

Do Good Read More Summer Reading Challenge

I have a soft spot for new bloggers (since I’ve still been blogging for less than a year too – that’s still new, right), especially those who seem to cover topics on my radar: parenting, working, marketing, travel.

I discovered Jo’s blog All Marketing Things with her post Audience, Are You There? It appeared in my Related Articles suggestion when I was writing Blogging Blues.  I could completely relate to her questions about how some blogs seem to have “it” while some others do not.  It certainly takes time, discipline, and good writing to attract a following (and have fun while doing so).

I also think it’s quite genius for university students to start their own blog – especially when going into fields of advertising (like Jo), to learn firsthand about social media and showcase your talents for prospective employers.  She smartly talks about the need to use caution in social media in her post You Never Know Who’s Watching.

In this post she says, “It’s an amazing thing the internet, be careful what you do with it!”

So true!

I also discovered this blog post when writing my last post about padded bike shorts.  This tip is essential for buying new gym gear!

The Lululemon Effect

2 thoughts on “Do Good, Read More Summer Reading Challenge – Part 2

  1. Just popped over to All Marketing Things and really enjoyed the read. The post you referenced is a gem. I have pondered how to get my audience engaged so many times. Is it the time of day I post? Or the day itself? Or am I just completely drab and boring? Keep trucking! You will continue to discover fantastic blogs! And, it is totally unnecessary to post daily, but I do recommend keeping a list of those you’ve discovered so you can publish it at the end of the challenge!

    • Yeah – I noticed your post too with the round-ups! I like that concept and may run with it. It DOES take time to search for and find new blogs. I have a few saved in a draft for my next post!

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