A Delayed Thank You

“I feel like a have a load in my pants,” I said as I gazed at my reflection in the mirror.

“You have a load in your pants Mommy?” my daughter’s sweet voice questioned.

Oh my. “Didn’t realize you were awake Sweetie,” I said rather sheepishly.

Why yes, I feel like a had a load in my pants wearing the mannish padded bike sports I received as a Christmas gift from Daddy O.

But was I ever thankful for the extra load in my pants (a.k.a. padding) during an hour long spin class! The instructor kicked my butt with cycling and intervals, and my booty needed some more cushion on that hard bike seat. It was an amazing workout!

So despite my initial critique and possibly weak thank you where I said too much and seemed ungrateful, I NOW can officially and genuinely thank you dear Daddy O…even if it is 6 months late.

Here is my selfie post-workout. Notice the shorts are well past my fingertips! What do you think?  Do you wear padded bike shorts or other type clothes that are more functional than beautiful?  Have you ever received a gift and given a “delayed” thank you like me?

Mama O in padded bike shorts

7 thoughts on “A Delayed Thank You

  1. I am all about the extra load in my pants! The Hubs and I like to bike and I have done a long ride without the padded pants and I will never do it again. There is nothing worse than the feeling of a bruised crotch. Yep. Padded Bike Shorts make my list of the Best Inventions Ever. 🙂

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