Elements of an Awesome Day

These were my thoughts last Friday, as the weather this week is leaving much to be desired! Still…here are some things that make for an awesome day:

  1. Plenty of sunshine and time outside to enjoy it. This meant playing in the park, doing some gardening while the kids played, watching my son “color” the pink big-wheel blue.
  2. Good books to read (either to my kids or myself).  We had a whole new collection of library books to enjoy together today. So fun! As you know, I love to read to my kids.
  3. Being greeted with a huge hug from my two year old, followed by a big monkey pile hug with my four year old and nephew (after I had a chance to quick run to the grocery store while my sister watched the kids play at the park). I just love these kids to pieces! AND it’s amazing how quickly I can shop-solo.
  4. Grilling out burgers and getting that “grilled meat smell” stuck to your hair / clothes. We haven’t had many warm days that have been suitable for grilling out, so this one was special, as were the blue cheese stuffed burgers! Yum!
  5. Scooping up a tired, two year old, who was so pooped out from all the fun of the day that he fell asleep on his blanket on the floor…at 6pm.  He was so exhausted from skipping his nap that I even managed to change his diaper without waking him. He stirred only a little when I picked him up to carry him to bed.

so tired

So many elements of this awesome day reminded me of my “Million Dollar Moments” post from my blog’s early stages in 2012. From that post, I explain:

“These are the moments when you wouldn’t trade a million dollars to be experiencing anything else in the world at that singular point in time. These are the moments when you are overflowing with thankfulness, and you want to freeze time to just be present in the beauty of your children and life as a whole.”

For such moments and days like today, I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful. God IS good!

A Delayed Thank You

“I feel like a have a load in my pants,” I said as I gazed at my reflection in the mirror.

“You have a load in your pants Mommy?” my daughter’s sweet voice questioned.

Oh my. “Didn’t realize you were awake Sweetie,” I said rather sheepishly.

Why yes, I feel like a had a load in my pants wearing the mannish padded bike sports I received as a Christmas gift from Daddy O.

But was I ever thankful for the extra load in my pants (a.k.a. padding) during an hour long spin class! The instructor kicked my butt with cycling and intervals, and my booty needed some more cushion on that hard bike seat. It was an amazing workout!

So despite my initial critique and possibly weak thank you where I said too much and seemed ungrateful, I NOW can officially and genuinely thank you dear Daddy O…even if it is 6 months late.

Here is my selfie post-workout. Notice the shorts are well past my fingertips! What do you think?  Do you wear padded bike shorts or other type clothes that are more functional than beautiful?  Have you ever received a gift and given a “delayed” thank you like me?

Mama O in padded bike shorts

A Day of Gratitude


Today is a day of gratitude.

We safely returned yesterday from our longest road trip – 13.5 hours! I was thankful for many things during the trip:

For my long arms that could easily pass toys or snacks or fix the portable DVD player to keep my kids happy. At one time they spiked volleyballs, shot the J, and played good D. Now they are go-go gadget like contraptions for my kids!

For an interesting route that provided fun stops: Kentucky Horse Park, Greensboro Children’s Museum, West Virginia Tamarack craft & art center, and a simple park in Chillicothe Ohio.

For happy, sweet children who liked the journey.  My daughter said, “I love this bathroom” in our first hotel. I guess the hotels were an “attraction” too. On our last day she told us she just wanted to play with toys in the car instead of go home – a traveling pro in the making.

For a patient husband who helped care for high energy kids, playing games with them when I drove and keeping the peace.

For a spontaneous hug from both kids this morning when we were all home and enjoying a lazy breakfast together.

For the post it note decoration pictured in this post.  My daughter made it for my son’s birthday. ..in September!  He ripped part of it down already,  but such a nice gesture!

For our home and where we live. ..and for feeling like we can successfully take more fun family trips again soon.

What are you thankful for today?