I was told to stand up straight by my own mother, and NOW by a doctor. As a child, I could ignore this, but as an adult I have to pay attention – lest I want to try to “work-it” with hunched over shoulders in my 30’s.

Ugh….so where is this stand-up straight business coming from? Well, having two babies since 2009 and not really “training” to get back into shape for volleyball and basketball, led me to attempt to play like I could in my glory days. Hunching over to pick up and nurse my babies, and working at a desk (when I was still working full time) did little to strengthen my upper back, so I was overcompensating with other muscle groups, leading to the tendon “impingement,” or rotator cuff tendonitis. This is my second go-around with this delightful over-use injury. I first experienced shoulder pain when my daughter was about 4 months old from playing volleyball, basketball, and shoveling snow (yes, I live in Wisconsin). This time around it is more difficult to rest my arm when I have one 20lb. baby boy and another 30lb. little girl to care for all day long. It is not fun being an injured mama.

The good news – my rehab includes stretches, exercises and massage!  I’ll have Daddy O. try to assist, but I also am going in for the real deal at a local Aveda spa.  All moms deserve some pampering, and I feel a little more justified indulging in a massage now that I have an injury to help heal.  In a few weeks, I hope to be myself again: standing straight and tall, shooting the J or slamming the ball at the opposing team as a regular “lady killer.”

Have you ever had an injury or sickness that made it difficult to take care of your kiddos?  How did you get through it?


This article reminded me of what my doctor and physical therapist explained.  Check it out if you want more info.