in the waiting line
in the waiting line (Photo credit: ButterflySha)

So much of our lives are spent waiting.  We are often waiting for something that can bring about significant change.

Top awaited moments that come to mind include:

  • waiting to get your ears pierced (I think I was about 13 for this)
  • waiting for a love interest to call you back
  • waiting for driver’s license (what says freedom more than that?!)
  • waiting to move out of mom & dad’s house (and then move back in after college – but just for 1 month)
  • waiting to move into your own place that is NOT a dump
  • waiting to get engaged, married, start a family
  • waiting for naptime or bedtime (once you have kids!)
  • waiting for vacation (at ANY age)
  • waiting for job related interviews, call backs, offers, raises

Because you’re waiting, you can often find an excuse to not do something else, thinking I don’t want to commit to X if I heard back from Y and will be busy then.  Waiting doesn’t feel all that productive to me.  It gives a chance for your mind to wander to so many “what-if” scenarios.  Waiting feels reactive, sitting on the sidelines, instead of being in the middle of the game as a proactive player.

While I wait for my job search to move along, I remind myself that it NEVER happens as quickly as you’d wish it would.  My speed versus company speed are often FAR apart!  While I wait, I am reminded of the silly dating rule, when you wait a few days before calling someone back.  Do people still do that?!  I don’t feel I can call too soon, but know I need to proactively follow up to re-emphasize my interest.

While I play the waiting game, I am okay to enjoy my current job as MOM.  I am trying my best to shake off the “worry of waiting” and remind myself to just live in the present, because the present I have is pretty incredible.  It was after all, what I had waited 29 years for: being blessed with my beautiful family.