My kids reminded me that I had not written about our ferret’s 2nd birthday. Our girl Blaze has been an adorable, fun, and mischievous addition to our family since May 2020. (See my first post about Blaze)

My kids have had fun taking pictures of Blaze with an older digital camera. My son and I worked together to edit and create some memes to celebrate Blaze in all of her cuteness.

This is a normal stance for a ferret. You can see her back hump. She really is fun to watch.

Blaze also loves to run through tunnels. Her eyes look a little crazy here! And yes, she has sharp teeth!

Blaze can really stretch and jump to explore her lair in our basement. What is she eyeing up on the bar?

My son is the ferret-whisperer. Blaze likes to snuggle with him and be held when she’s calm and tired. She is just chilling here.