We celebrate our ferret’s first birthday this week! Her cute furry-ness has brought our family much joy during this past year. Blaze is always happy, ready to play, and ever so adorable!

My daughter said it best, “I can’t remember our lives before Blaze.”

“She’s awesome,” my son added.

To celebrate, we gave Blaze a lot of attention. She played in her space in our basement and in the bathroom. Watch video of Blaze drinking water and digging in the sink (her favorite).

She is living her best life!

1 year old Ferret Blaze

And crawling in sleeves.

Blaze the ferret and her human

And shirts. She likes tunneling through small spaces, climbing, and exploring. She also enjoys hiding toys and food in numerous places. We will continue to be entertained by her in the coming year. Cheers to one sweet ferret!