Wow, I just renewed my Go Mama O. domain today for another year, making it 4 years of blogging!

I am not an exceptional or wildly popular blogger by any means. I know there are many things I SHOULD do (writing more is one of them), but many of these things are in a mental list of “how to be a better blogger.” I’ve even changed my Twitter bio to “occasional blogger.”

But still, this Mama O. goes on.

I have seen bloggers in my reader or blogging community come and go, and my little site is still here.

I have found so much enjoyment from meeting fellow bloggers in my Fly on the Wall challenge group. These posts have kept my blog going and have become not only a fun outlet for me to record what my kids say, but also a wonderful way to connect with some other awesome bloggers! I’m so glad to have come across and get to know you all through your blogs. A special shout out goes to Karen at Baking in a Tornado, the mastermind behind this and other challenges.

And wow, my kids have grown so much in four years!

waking up big sister from her nap
little brother waking up big sister from her nap

Hmm…remember when they would nap?! I see a correlation between nap time and number of blog posts published on Go Mama O. Now I squeeze in a post when they are occupied with a show!

getting ready to fish
This summer – My two little fishers – ready to go! Only Big Sister caught one.

In the past four years, a lot has happened,  I’ve worked full time as a SAHM, part-time as a marketing manager; we ventured to Arizona as a family, celebrated our 10 year anniversary, did a LOT of spring cleaning, and moved to a new house this year, enjoyed camping & many adventures with our kids. Soon little brother will be off at 4 year old kindergarten, and I may be job hunting.

It has been a treat to look back on my blog and read old posts, which brings me back to the reason why I still blog – for me. It’s my own little smidgen of the Internet, where I take some time to reflect and create posts pertaining to what’s going on in my world. The format is perfect – more than just a status update or a Tweet to share what’s on my mind.

Thank you for following and reading!

Can you relate to my blogging experience?  Has you blogging varied through the years?