Finding a new home is rough! Our home buying market moved very quickly, so we rode the ups and downs of the search for over a year. The process went like this:

Wait for home to come on the market.

Rush to get into desirable home.

Feel pressured to decide on the spot if we’d write an offer or not. Good homes don’t last long!

If we wrote an offer, wait some more. Find out it’s a competitive situation. More waiting. Some counter offers.

Lose out on homes to other buyers. This happened to us twice.

Try to embrace and enjoy our home with 1 full bathroom, great location, beautiful trees on our lot, and a lot of yard space for playing with our kids.

This was us playing in the backyard last summer.

Boycott watching HGTV home hunting shows. If only it were as easy as they make it look on one episode.
Finally see a home before it is officially listed with for sale sign on yard. It’s a really lovely home, but we want to sleep on it before making a decision. Wake up the next morning and make an offer. After some back and forth, it’s accepted!!

Here’s the music that describes our home search –

Tom Petty: The Waiting

Queen: Another One Bites the Dust 

The Isley Brothers: Love the One  (home) You’re With

Adele: Rolling in the Deep “we could of had it all.”

Pink Floyd: Money

Etta James: At Last  – We’re home, moved, and here to stay!