Welcome to a Fly on the Wall Group Post! These posts give you a glimpse into my house and the crazy things that my family says. I enjoy these posts so much that I gave them their own page on my blog – HERE.

Come on in and buzz around my house.

Fly on the Wall Post

Here’s who you’ll be hearing from:

  • Me, Mama O.
  • Daddy O.
  • Big Sister, age 6
  • Little Brother, age 4

First Snow in November

Snow came a bit early in Wisconsin, greeting us before Thanksgiving. My comment: Mother Nature didn’t give our tree the memo that it’s winter.

November snow in Wisconsin
First Snow in November

The kids were VERY excited and had a lot to say that day.

Big sister: Do you know that snow looks like a lot of winter hairs?

Me: What do you mean?

Big sister: Like snowshoe hares.

Little Brother: I want to play outside and put my face in the snow and eat it.

Big sister: Don’t eat yellow snow (good advice!).

They did play outside a lot that day, dressed in their winter gear. Big sister even called herself a Flower Ninja.

Flower Ninja
Fear the Flower Ninja Girl

Needless to say, our white November gave way to a very mild and green December. No white Christmas for us this year in Wisconsin… 😦

Where do we live?

As we were driving to see family, big sister said we lived in the East. Little brother said, “No, it’s the McWest.”  I think he’s influenced by McDonald’s a bit! I explained that we live in the Midwest.


Little brother eating gum drops declares, “This green one tastes like a green bean.”  And I guess that’s a good thing according to him.

Big sister shares, “Guess what Mom? Sometimes my brain goes crazy.” She told Daddy O. that later the same night too.

I’m not a huge baker, but I love chocolate. I was melting chocolate and coating pretzels and marshmallows with little brother looking on. He told me, “Mom, you have chocolate on your nose. Can I lick it?!” Umm…no!

Chocolate nose – occupational hazard of holiday treat-making.

Little Brother: I’m not starting to like Dad.

Me: What does that mean?

Little Brother: Because he’s crazy all the time!!

I’ve noticed that I don’t write down what Daddy O. and I say as often as the kids’ sayings. Daddy O. reminded me this past week at dinner, when I made turkey legs in the crock pot.  It’s one of my favorite recipes, and I saw him eating the turkey leg very daintily with a fork and knife. I encouraged him, “Just pick it up and eat it like you’re at a Ren Fair.”  (Ren = Renaissance Fair)

Special Guest: Sweet Old Lady at the Post Office

I wrote about this occurance recently, and it’s so cute that I had to include it in my Fly Post. My son was being very grumpy and whiny at the post office.  Just as I was finishing up at the counter, a sweet old lady comes up behind me and says,

“Don’t worry. I have an 81 year old at home that still does that!”

LOVE it! Some things never change I guess!

A Bit of Holiday Fun

We enjoyed a family drive to look at holiday lights. I personally loved driving through the motion light tunnel. And you can’t be in Wisconsin without seeing a green & gold Packer light display!

When I asked the kids what their favorite part was, they yelled, “Every part!” As we were driving through the display, my daughter would just say, “Beautiful.”  And how right she was!! My kid’s precious joy eclipses the beauty of the lights!


Elf on the Shelf Fun

Our Elf “Fred” has visited us again this year. Big Sister has said a few times, “He just looks like a doll. His eyes don’t move or anything.”  I replied, “Well, how do you know what he does when you’re sleeping?  That’s when he comes alive and flies to Santa.”

At church she said, “Where’s the elf at church?”  I explained that God is watching her all the time. And Daddy O. chimed in, “There aren’t any elves at church. They are just in homes.” Thanks Daddy O!

Fred the Elf Go Mama O

Every morning I wake up to the kids calling Fred’s name.  It is too cute! Some more pictures of our Christmas fun:

May you enjoy the magic of this beautiful season with your loved ones!

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