Instead of waiting until the kids were in bed, I did some gift wrapping this afternoon while we watched football. I do love me some arts and crafts, and I felt some kind of Zen as I wrapped.

My thoughts wandered a bit, including the following:

1. This is so much more productive than just watching an entire football game. Hooray multi-tasking!
2. Crap. Who did I buy this for? Early shopper problems.
3. Organizing gifts by family celebration in the same wrapping paper is awesome and efficient.  Love to plan!
4. Hmm…how many boxes do we really need to keep for gift wrapping? How long have these sat in storage?
5. What gift bags can I re-use again? Gotta love recycling!
6. It’s much easier to wrap presents on a table instead of on carpeting! My setup this year is much better.
7. Getting excited to celebrate soon!
8. Will the kids find my hiding places?
9. I am so going to be a crafter even when I’m old! Maybe oragami at some point?
10. I think I need to go make a card now.