We threw my son a leopard / jungle inspired 4th birthday over the weekend, and had a lot of fun with it!  Here are some pictures of our decor:

Jungle birthday party collage
From top: Leopard on the cake, sunflower centerpiece on a leopard print tablecloth, Middle: stuffed animals help decorate, bottom: monkeys swinging from the vines, and our vine window treatment
cat pictures
My daughter and son had fun coloring pictures of cats (still living and extinct), so we HAD to display them.
view of the table and jungle vines
I LOVED this leopard table cloth and may have to re-use it. We also have a jaguar picture hanging from the chandelier, who is going to eat the monkeys (according to my son).

The kids and I had so much fun hanging the vines (green yarn and green crepe paper) and placing the stuffed animals around the room.  I used green pipe cleaners to keep the monkeys attached to the chandelier.

For treats for the kids, we had animal crackers and jungle animal fruit snacks. We also had out a zoo play set and safari truck, though the kids went WILD playing with seemingly ALL of the toys in our house. It was awesome!

It was also very easy to find leopard print gift bags, though hot pink leopard print and zebra print tended to be more common in the stores we checked out (Dollar Store, Target, Wal-mart, and finally a party store).

One present that we bought the birthday boy was this cute stuffed leopard or jaguar.  My son said it was the greatest present in the whole world and has since named it “Spotty,” “Leppy,” or “Jaggy.”

Birthday boy taking good care of Spotty.
Birthday boy taking good care of Spotty.

Happy Birthday to my sweet 4 year old son!