All was quiet as I made dinner.

Too quiet.

The kind of quiet that makes me nervous.

Our house is somewhat compartmentalized into different rooms; no open concept here with a view from the kitchen into the living room. With this setup, I really  didn’t know what my kids were up to.

I knew just minutes before my three year old wanted to play trains with the wooden set, so I pulled down a bin of wooden train bridges, track, and buildings. However, no clanking of wooden pieces could be heard.

While I was enjoying the peace and quiet, focusing on making salmon patties on the stove, I almost forgot that my kids were in the other room.

I walked into the hall and rounded the corner to peer into the living room not sure what I’d find.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I walked closer.

Much to my surprise, this is what I found:

Lacing card fun

My sweet children playing with lacing cards that were next to the train bin I had just pulled out minutes earlier.

Wow – maybe I don’t need to be nervous when my house is quiet – well, at least not ALL the time.