There are parenting moments that you’re not about to scrapbook. These are times that you are not terribly proud of…times when you’re not sure if you’re making the right call. Meal-time battles can sometimes get ugly as of late, especially with my three year old.

Take today, for instance, when after refusing to eat his pork chop and veggies, he dumped his entire plate on the floor! I took him to his room for a time-out with much protesting. After five minutes, he had settled down and chirped, “sorry Mom.”

I just said, “Well, eat your lunch.” And he did eat some – off the floor! During the long process of eating, he tried crawling on my lap, saying those magical words, “I love you Mommy.” And “I like your scarf, but not the white part.” Little stinker! After eating some, I got out the broom and dust pan for him to clean up the rest.

Sigh…life with a three year old!!