Really liked this post from Wine & Cheese Doodles! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

omnificpublishing Today we salute you, Newborn Mom, who has just been thrown to the sharks;

As well as you, Empty Nest Mom, who is starting to forget what it was like.

Today we salute you, Martha Stewart Mom, who uses cookie cutters to make cute little sandwich shapes and themed lunches with 3 different vegetables and a fruit;

As well as you, Lunchables Mom, who has forgotten her son’s lunch on the kitchen counter and made do with a bagel from 7/11.

Today we salute you, Working Mom, who manages to put in a 9-5 and still have her children vaccinated on schedule;

As well as you, Stay at Home Mom, who manages to talk in complete sentences about intelligent subjects in spite of spending every waking hour with a demanding, drooling mini human.

Today we salute you, Designer Mom, who always manages to look immaculately put together at drop off;

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