Work mode to Mom mode

The transition from mom-mode to work-mode and back to mom-mode is a bit challenging!ย  For 8 hours I can act like an adult (well mostly ๐Ÿ™‚ ) with other adults in a professional environment.

Then in my 20-minute commute, I can de-compress a bit and prepare myself for re-entry to mom-mode.

Despite this buffer zone of commuting, I still find this transition difficult.

The kids’ screams and demands grate my ears so much more. My patience seems so much shorter and my stress level much higher.

In these few hours after work and before bedtime, I have to just power-through – run around and be super mom: get dinner, clean-up, play time, baths, stories, and bed. You all know the drill all too well, I’m sure.ย  Sometimes during this routine, I don’t even feel like I have time to pee!ย  AHH!!

Easing the Transition

How can I make the work-mode to mom-mode transition a bit easier? I think planning in advance really helps for meal time. I made PB sandwiches on Monday morning for the kids, so I could instantly serve them when we came home and they sat down. Plus, I try to prioritize and simplify my “must-do” list on work days (remembering how lucky I am to ONLY be working part-time). Finally, I think I have to do a better of mentally preparing myself for mom-mode.

Stop. Breathe. Relax.

Remember I am dealing with a pre-schooler and toddler – NOT work colleagues!

How do you transition from work-mode to mom-mode (or adult-time mode to kid-mode)?


11 thoughts on “Work mode to Mom mode

  1. It was hard when I was working. Especially since I had to commute with one that came to work with me and was in my classroom! I think just having a routine that stayed the same each day-first we do this when we walk in the door, then this, then we have time to talk about our day-really helped!

  2. When I went back to work full time I felt it was me who needed most help adjusting. I was downright shell shocked. The thought of dinner, my husband asking details of my new company – those little things were too much. Seeing my daughter actually helped me to “shut it off and enjoy.” Hmm, my tip? Ride out the next couple weeks. Things seem to fall into place. Or at least I feel the stress will dissipate and you’ll find your rhythm. Good luck. No magic bullet I guess.

  3. My hardest time of day is when the older kids get home from school. Things have been so peaceful and quiet around here all day and the moment those kids walk through the door chaos ensues. They know I have to go through backpacks and that I will sit down with each kid and talk to them about their day but for some reason they begin talking at once and making requests for things and asking all kinds of questions….my mind just swirls and is on overload for an hour!

    • Wow Melissa, I can imagine going from 1 to all 3 kids at home must be a drastic change! I think after school – dinner time is just always more hectic. I am even crabby when I am hungry!

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