and after a relatively FAST moving interview process, consisting of 4 interviews in 2 weeks, I received a call last week, saying they had decided to go with another candidate with more experience.


While I appreciated the quick call-backs and scheduling of interviews, followed by my own scrambling for childcare during face to face interview times, I couldn’t help but be disappointed after investing all of that time and effort.  I had dusted off my portfolio, researched the industry and my own field, practiced how I would handle the questions about the 7 month gap in my resume, and composed my own thought-provoking questions for the hiring manager, HR manager, and prospective peers.  Whew…no wonder why I felt let down.  Job hunting is a lot of work!

What’s Next??

After spending a few days in sweats while caring for my kiddos, I enjoyed finding new ventures, while celebrating my own birthday with my favorite people.  It was the perfect antidote to my lift my spirits.  So what am I doing now, you ask?  I am taking eMarketing courses, working to a certification that I can add to my resume. It may come in handy in my consulting work.

I’m also playing around with a FREE online site to learn Spanish. Someday I hope to travel to Spain with my best friend and trek to Machu Picchu.  Having worked and studied abroad ten years ago (one summer in Tokyo and a semester in Vienna), I am a firm believer in having some basic knowledge of the language and culture. These simple phrases can go a long way!  If I hadn’t know some Japanese, I wouldn’t have made it back to my apartment the first night in Tokyo!  Anyway….I won’t be an expert and I have no immediate plans to make either of these trips, but it’s kind of fun starting somewhere.

Beyond that I’ll keep doing my best to stay positive and simply enjoy motherhood.  Years from now I am sure I will look back on this time and wonder why I struggled so.  Until I am the much wiser and older Mama O, I will try to relax & enjoy.