Voting (Photo credit: League of Women Voters of California)

I received a shout out today in form of a thumbs up from a man driving a car from our polling place today.

Upon seeing his bumper sticker, I don’t think he would have given me that same “thumbs up” based on the way I voted, but I think that the “thumbs up” meant, “Good job Mom on getting your kids out of the house & voting today.” 

At the time of the gesture of approval, I was pushing my son in his stroller and carrying my daughter’s baby in her play stroller while my daughter walked close by.  My hands were full to say the least, so yes, I appreciated the drive-by recognition.

About 30 minutes prior to that, my daughter and I matched – both moms (one real, one pretend) pushing their babies (one real, one pretend) into the polling place. My daughter kept saying, “Let’s vote mom.”  She was pretty cute & well behaved, thus receiving many sweet smiles from fellow voters. In return, she mostly scowled. After leaving the polling place, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to burn off some toddler energy.

I definitely think EVERYONE should get out and VOTE.  My sister did so for one local election even though SHE WAS IN LABOR!  It was the early stages of labor and her water had broke (as a slow leak), but I was still surprised that they stopped to vote on their way to the hospital!  Extreme citizenship! Also check out the article below on the woman who voted this morning with contractions 5 minutes apart! All I can say is wow. You have no excuse NOT to vote today.

No matter who you are voting for, it’s important to have your voice HEARD!  This reminds me a lot about the mom-blogosphere that represents so many voices and choices that each and every mom makes in her life.  Since becoming a mom myself, I try to be less judgmental and just be supportive of what moms and families do to make the adventure of raising children a bit easier. Check out Working Moms Break for her latest post on this topic – It’s Time to Call a Truce to the Mommy Wars.

So here’s my Shout Out to ALL Moms – Keep up the great work you are doing – no matter how you do it!  There are many obstacles that make raising children difficult, but we all find ways to power through and make it work.