Fly on the Wall: All Sorts of Things in My Brain

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My Little Reporters

my little reporters

My son is currently sharing some important opinions.

The kids managed to find Daddy O’s play station gaming headset, and were playing with it at their little table. They moved the microphone down and took turns wearing the headset. It seemed like they were reporting or instructing someone…I just sat back, and this is what I heard!

Big sister: We should not drink bath water. It’s not healthy.

Little brother: But I do. I drink bath water. I drink shower water too.

Big sister: You shouldn’t eat scissors.

Little brother: No, that’s yucky.

Big sister: And scissors are only for cutting, but not cutting hair.

Little brother: We do not even eat turtles because they swim in the water.

Perhaps they were remembering a visit to a tv station exhibit at a children’s museum, where big sister was doing this.

Getting ready for some serious reporting.

Getting ready for some serious reporting.

Now at the scene (that little brother selected in the control room). It really was a cool exhibit!

Reporting “live” at the scene (that little brother selected in the control room). It really was a cool exhibit!

Big Sister is NOT Little

Big sister: Mom, I have a big brain like you. I have all sorts of things in my brain this morning.

Me: Oh really! (to myself – this could go in a lot of different directions)

On a beautiful sunny day, we were going for a walk with the wagon.  Big sister was walking next to me and little brother was riding.  We started going up a hill, and big sister grabbed the handle next to my hand to help me pull.

Me: Oh, that’s so nice sweetie. Thanks for helping.

Big sister: I know. You learn to be kind when you get older.

Me: Yes, you sure do!

Big sister: My brother still needs to learn this. :-)

I was getting her ready for shower time, so I said, “Okay little girl, your shower is ready.” To which she replied, “I’m not little, I’m medium.”

The Definition of Chillaxing

We were driving in the car, killing time while Daddy O. did our taxes.  I love the random conversations we have in the car, and this one was no exception.  Here’s how it started:

Big sister: Mom, do you know that me and my brother like chillaxing?

Me: No, I didn’t know that. What’s chillaxing>

Big sister: It’s like resting at night…or like when you sleep in the car.

Me (thinking to myself) – I wish they would chillax in the car more often!

Me & Daddy O. Enjoying Winter

Daddy O. and I have taken up snowshoeing as a winter hobby.  We might as well enjoy the snow since we certainly get a lot of it in Wisconsin!  On a beautifully sunny, 20 degree-ish day, we went snowshoeing on some awesome trails. Here’s what you would have heard:

Daddy O.: I need some color in my outdoor gear. I look like a snowshoeing ninja!

My view following the "ninja."

My view following the “ninja.”

Me: The snow is sparkling! I love how you can’t hear anything (as in noise from the highway / city-life) – it’s so quiet and peaceful out here.

Look Mom - no coat! It feels so nice to be outside while still being warm.

Look Mom – no coat! It feels so nice to be outside while still being warm.

After snowshoeing, we worked up an appetite for a good meal.  We went to a traditional Wisconsin supper club, where a man told us that we “looked like one of those couples from reality tv!”  I suggested HGTV!  I write more about that comment in this post.

That wraps up what’s new in our house! Be sure to visit the other amazing blogs to get a taste of what a fly would hear in their homes!

Winter Getaway

Daddy O. and I typically get away every winter to celebrate our anniversary.  This year opted to stay in Wisconsin (vs. going to a warm location as we did last year), so we could enjoying snowshoeing in a state forest.

I found a modern and comfortable bed & breakfast near the state forest that was a good location for our weekend adventures.The B&B was full both nights, so we had plenty of company around the breakfast table each morning.

Here are a few photo highlights (including our B&B picture):

scenes from a winter getaway

Scenes from our trip – our log cabin B&B, views from the snow shoe trail, and Old Fashioneds drinks at a supper club.

Snowshoeing was awesome! The trails cut through a forested area with small hills and bends.  Everything was very well marked, and we were working hard enough to shed some layers such that we were comfortable in just a fleece and one under layer. I was delighted to feel warm while being outside on a 20 degree day (a welcome change from so many below-zero wind chill days).

Mama O. Snowshoeing

Look Mom – no coat! It feels so nice to be outside while still being warm.

Here’s a larger panorama:

Bright, sunny day made the snow sparkle in the woods.

Bright, sunny day made the snow sparkle in the woods.

After a few hours of being on the trails, we made it back to our car to find some food.  Being in Wisconsin, we’re always on the lookout for cheese factories! We were pleased to find Beechwood Cheese Factory, making it there right before they closed for the day.

YES - fresh cheese curds!!

YES – fresh cheese curds!! My favorite sign to see!

We bought sun-dried tomato flavored cheese curds that were so fresh that they squeaked when you ate them.  The other two cheeses we bought were a hickory white cheddar and a bacon cheddar cheese.  Both are surprisingly un-opened in our refrigerator right now!  I’ll keep you posted on how they taste.

Later that night we hit up a traditional Wisconsin supper club, where a fellow diner said something funny to us! We had delicious old fashioneds (mine with brandy, sweet & cherries) while we waited for our table. The food & company (Daddy O. of course) were such a treat!

It was so wonderful to enjoy extended quality time together as a couple – a great chance to relax, recharge, and reflect a bit, while the kids enjoyed time with their grandparents. We’ll mark down this winter getaway as one to potentially repeat someday!

About that time my kid ate off the floor


There are parenting moments that you’re not about to scrapbook. These are times that you are not terribly proud of…times when you’re not sure if you’re making the right call. Meal-time battles can sometimes get ugly as of late, especially with my three year old.

Take today, for instance, when after refusing to eat his pork chop and veggies, he dumped his entire plate on the floor! I took him to his room for a time-out with much protesting. After five minutes, he had settled down and chirped, “sorry Mom.”

I just said, “Well, eat your lunch.” And he did eat some – off the floor! During the long process of eating, he tried crawling on my lap, saying those magical words, “I love you Mommy.” And “I like your scarf, but not the white part.” Little stinker! After eating some, I got out the broom and dust pan for him to clean up the rest.

Sigh…life with a three year old!!