Mom’s Musings on 1st Days of School

I can hardly believe that I now have a school-age daughter! Okay, so she only goes for mornings, but we are fully “in school” Monday through Friday now.  Last week to her delight, she hopped out of bed, willingly got ready, and ran off ahead of me, little brother and Daddy O. to her bus stop.  Before we left the house, I did capture this picture.

Big sister waving goodbye on her 1st day of school. Sniff. Sniff.

Big sister waving goodbye on her 1st day of school. Sniff. Sniff.

I’m so glad I took this picture, because when the bus came and stopped, she ran across the street so quickly to get on it.  Too fast. Too fast for me to balance my umbrella and quick snap a picture, but that’s okay.  I have good memories of her excitedly bounding off to the bus with an ear to ear grin spread across her face.  She left me there with a few tears, sneaking out of the corner of my eyes, while her little brother kept asking where she was going.  Daddy O. gave me a hug, reassuring me that I had done a good job preparing her for school.

Still…my first born, getting so grown up! I can remember those early days that were so wonderfully new and so dreadfully tiring. And those potty training days that were so frustrating. This is one strong willed girl! And to think only last summer she was growling at strangers. Those days seem so far away when I look at my daughter today. I am so proud of her.

To my surprise, I managed to convince myself that I didn’t need to get in my car and drive behind the bus.  My more practical side overpowered the “crazy mom” in me, thinking that I may not even be able to see her while she exited the bus. So little brother and I hung out while she was away. It was weird. Quieter.

I waited anxiously by the front window, peering out to see when her bus would be coming.  I realized that this waiting would be something I would have to grow accustomed to….whether waiting for her to come back from school, return from a friend’s house, and eventually drive the car home herself (yikes)! Thus is the life of a parent – spending so much time together in the early years (thinking they’ll never end some days), then slowly letting them go a bit more as they grow up (and being all crazy-mom emotional about it at times too).

She did come home and immediately told me, “some kids were arguing, but not me, Mom.” And then, “We had cheezies for snack.”  Great. Day 1 = success!

While I’d love to press the pause button through all of this, I know I have to simply breathe deep and take it all in, savoring these big milestones and the little ones too.

Other parents, how are you holding up on the first days of school?

Best Going, Going, Gone Picture of Summer

I was going through pictures recently, and I found the best picture of our entire summer.  Here it is:

big sister and her big catch

So excited to catch her first fish!

After learning to fish for over a year, big sister FINALLY caught her first fish!  As you can see from the picture, she was thrilled! Daddy O and I were so happy and proud of her.  This WAS a big summer for her, as she grew more independent and confident in so many areas – bike riding, swimming, helping out at home, and of course fishing! This was also the last summer before officially starting school with our district as part of the 4 year old Kindergarden program. And much like the fish the she and her cousin caught that night, I have to let her go. 

A few more pictures give you a taste for that evening’s lovely setting. Looking out past the dock, we watched a beautiful sunset as the kids excitedly caught fish after fish. It was a million dollar moment for sure!

fishing at sunset

Lovely night of fishing

Slowly the sun sank behind the trees as the sky continued to glow warm hues.  Its setting reminded me of how quickly the month of August went by, leaving summer to slip through our fingers.  Going. Going. Gone!  Goodbye summer. It’s been fun!

In a few days I’ll watch my big girl get on that school bus, excitedly look out the window & wave as she goes to school all by herself.  On the “practice run” of riding the bus, she already explained, “Mom, I’ve done this before. I know how to ride the bus.”  I’ve decided that after waving goodbye, I’ll quickly load my son in my car and drive behind her bus spying (just to be sure she makes the transfer to the other bus that goes to her 4K school). 

Much like the pictures above, it’s sort of like the sun setting on her preschool years as my firstborn is growing, growing, and gone to school.  She’s so excited to start school (see the big cheesy grin she has in her top picture), and I know I have to let her grow and learn from new teachers and classmates. The act of letting go / watching your kids start school is certainly one major parenting milestone!

Wish me luck this week, and pass me some Kleenex!

What is your best or favorite picture from summer?  Is anyone else feeling emotional about summer ending and school starting?


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Fly on the Wall – I Ate a Purple Flower

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.


Last month, I told my son to “get his foot out of his mouth.”  Strange things that I never thought I’d say have continued to come out of my mouth.  My son told me, “I’m a baby kitty. I’m cleaning myself.”  I replied, “Stop licking yourself.”  Crazy kid!

The Naughty List

AHHH! A high pitched squeal erupts in the basement, followed by tears. “You’re rude!!”

“What happened?” I asked, knowing full well who was the culprit.

“He wrecked my stable (Lego set).” big sister explained through tears.

“C’mon bud, into time out. That’s not the Golden Rule. We don’t mess up big sister’s toys.” I said and put little brother in time-out.

While in time-out, big sister shouted upstairs, “Mom, will he be on Santa’s naughty list now?”

“I’m not sure honey,” I said, “I don’t know how Santa does his naughty list.”

Thinking of Christmas

Big sister: Mom I miss Christmas.

Me: Why?

Big sister: Because I’m cold

Me: Is that why you’re wearing your princess winter boots? (And I thought she would just say presents!)


Big sister: Mom, did you know that when I was 3, I ate a purple flower?

What?!  This is another thing I’m going to file under “Things I Didn’t Want to Know!”

Difficult Words to Pronounce

We were just sitting outside in our backyard on a beautiful, though windy summer day. Big sister says, “Look the leaves on the tree are wrestling.”  “Oh you mean rustling. The leaves on the tree are rustling,” I explained. She was so close to the right word!  It IS hard to pronounce, remember so many words as a kid!

Big Sister-isms

Big sister to me: If we wear the same barrette, then people will then we’re twins (awh – so sweet).

I’m getting ready to leave the house, doing a million things at once because we’re running late. Big sister has been helping out with a few things. The broom and dustpan fall down, so I ask her to pick it up. “Do I have to do everything?” she exclaims!  Hmm…I wonder where she’s heard that before.

Me: Little brother it makes me sad when you bit your sister.

Big Sister: Yeah it’s rude! It makes me not want to marry my brother (as she once said before).

Me: Yeah, it IS rude.

Big Sister: I’m going to marry someone else!

Me & Daddy O.

Going to Germanfest we brought windbreakers and an umbrella.  Since I didn’t have a big purse, there wasn’t a really good place to store our inclement weather gear. Daddy O. clipped his windbreaker (rolled up in a pouch) to his belt loop. “I’m getting more functional as I get older,” he said. I replied, “Do you need a fanny pack?” Daddy O. protesting, “C’mon we won’t be the weirdest looking people there. It’s Germanfest.”  Good point!  He was right…plenty of people were in traditional German attire or just other interesting looks.  People-watching is part of the fun of going to festivals. And no, it didn’t even rain!  Here’s a picture of my delicious weiss bier and Schnitzel sandwich that I savored at Germanfest:


More Zoo Comments

Do you ever have those moments when you notice how big your kids are?  For me, it’s sometimes when I’m giving them a bath.  Their outstretched bodies almost fill the entire length of the tub now! Recently, I told them, “Wow, you’re so big!”  Little brother replied, “Mom, you’re as big as a hippo.”  Maybe we need to stop going to the zoo!!

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